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Would you like to work as a dentist in Holland? Increase your chances here!

This site is intended for European dentists and orthodontists with a dentist diploma from an EU country, interested to know if working in Holland is a viable option. In the Netherlands, we are currently looking for more dentists and orthodontists.

In Holland, we work with the most up-to-date technology, there is no shortage of work, and high earnings are possible with extra tax benefits for foreign dentists and orthodontists.

If you have graduated as a dentist on a European University and feel that you have insufficient work, or if you are looking for a whole new challenge, then working in Holland for a time could be the solution. Practicing as a dentist or orthodontist in Holland for at least a couple of years will enhance your CV and you will return to your home country with a broad experience, of great value for the rest of your working life. is looking for serious candidates interested in gaining experience outside their own country. Due to a shortage of dentists and orthodontists in Holland, we are looking for well-trained, motivated and eager-to-learn dentists (up to age 35) and orthodontists (no age limit and preferable with a 2 or better 3 year master) who are interested in knowing more about the possibilities of working in Holland. There are widespread opportunities in the Netherlands to follow specialized courses and interacting with colleagues. What’s more, around 65% of the Dutch patients are reasonably to well-insured. And every child up to the age of 18 is 100% insured except orthodontic treatments.

Learning the Dutch language has excellent opportunities for you, guiding you completely from A-Z on the possibilities of working in a dental or ortho clinic in Holland.
The most important requirement working in Holland is that you speak Dutch at a minimum level of B2 (we would also like to state here that it is a requirement that you speak and understand English at a reasonable level also, because that facilitates learning of the Dutch language). Only then will your European dental diploma be equated with the Dutch diploma and you will receive a license to get started. 

Language course and tuition
We offer an intensive language course in Spain which last 16 weeks (65 hours/week) Monday through Saturday-morning. The intensive language course and all the guidance we offer takes place in the Alicante region and the costs are € 6,500, including accommodation and board.

That amount, besides of € 500 which is payable at the start, can also be advanced by us in the event of inability and then paid back in installments within the first year of working in Holland. If you want to use of this opportunity, please indicate this in advance. We expect orthodontists to bear the costs themselves.

If you speak some Dutch already, the course duration can be shorter – and therefore cheaper. Levels of the Dutch language will be tested by us and the language school, but you may learn Dutch on your own behalf beforehand. This language course is specifically for foreign persons from the medical sector who will work in the Netherlands and have to pass their B2 exams.
Realize that you can not work as a dentist during these 4 months. If you are an orthodontist we could arrange a different schedule but that is a personal path.

You will also learn all about Dutch culture and the modus operandi of Dutch dental practices.

At work in the Netherlands

Once you have taken your language exam, we will guide you in finding accommodation near the clinic(s) where you will be working. From that moment on, you can already start working as a dentist or orthodontist. You basically work in a medium-sized practice with 3-6 treatment rooms. We will determine where you will work, and see that a good working relationship is stuck up with the practitioner. That is a priority, because pleasure in your work gives better results in patients’ treatment and that is for us of paramount importance.


The EU provides subsidies for young people with an European nationality – up to age 35 – who would like to work outside their own country. We will also supply you with all this information, and while it is always a plus to get reimbursement of costs, this cannot be guaranteed. 


On average, a dentist in the Netherlands earns 3 to 4 times as much as in Spain, with an additional tax benefit for the extra effort you have put in as a foreign dentist working in Holland. Newly qualified Dutch dentists are our highest-paid graduate university students at an average of over € 57,600 before tax per year.

Earnings Orthodontists

Your daily income will be a minimum of €600 / day (gross) and more depending on your experience and responsibility in the clinic.

Tax benefits

For foreign people there is a law that provides you with a great tax benefit for 5 years once you start working in Holland. This means that 30% of your gross income is tax free !

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